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KRyLack Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords
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KRyLack Password Recovery is an all-in-one archive password recovery tool. It allows you to guess the passwords of ZIP, RAR and ACE archives by using what is called a brute-force attack. It will try all the combinations of characters possible in order to guess your passwords. The trial version only allows you to crack passwords up to three characters in length.

Most password cracking tools focus on a single format, so you will see apps called "ZIP password recovery" and "RAR password recovery. This tool can do them all. And it has quite a few nice features as well. I liked the fact that this tool can save your recovery sessions automatically at regular intervals. Thus, it will save you time if you must cut the recovery process short and resume it later.

In terms of speed, this password cracker performed well. I used a default three-letter password to test it, and the app cracked it instantaneously. Longer and more complex passwords will take longer, and that is when the automatic saving becomes useful.

KRyLack Password Recovery gives you all of its important password-cracking settings in one window. There you can choose which characters to use and in what combinations. The paid version allows you to use dictionary-based attacks as well. You can set the priority of this app to low, normal and high, which will determine the amount of CPU processing power it will use.

José Fernández
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  • It has both brute-force and dictionary attacks
  • It has all the settings in one window
  • It seems fast


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